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Autists Online

Current members: 64


Webmaster: Azure

50% personal site, 50% resource and graphics archive, and 100% cringe (affectionate)! This site houses the shrines, essays, and soul of the webmaster, who just so happens to be your friendly neighborhood autistic boygirl.


Webmaster: Nephro

The forever work in progress site. Art, writings, shrines, more. Ran by a lobster who had to go to alternative school. Real-deal autism-owned site!

Laika Wallace's Writing Page

Webmaster: Laika Wallace

This site hosts Laika's novels, novellas, and short story collections to be read for free, featuring autistic characters with experiences pulled from hir own life.

Lucifer's Digital Heaven/Bootysmacking Realm

Webmaster: Lucifer

A little bit of everything, with a bit of sodomy on the side. Just kidding - it's mostly just video games, shrines, my writing, art, etc. I do whatever I think of on that site (if I have the energy or ability to, of course).


Webmaster: Jordan



Control Core Angel

Webmaster: Angel

A personal site dedicated to a large variety of subjects. Plenty to explore and discover! Run by an autistic genderqueer webmaster who misses the days of internet yore.

patchwork of shadows

Webmaster: Shadow

One little faery who talk about thoughts, from magical to mundane!


Monkie Business

Webmaster: Hunter

A fansite dedicated to the animated show LEGO Monkie Kid, which continues the story of the classic Chinese novel, 'Journey to the West', and which also happens to be the autistic webmaster's biggest special interest!


Webmaster: Chippy

13 year old object show fan who hasn’t gotten a autism diagnosis yet but is thought to be autistic BY ALMOST EVERYONE.


Webmaster: VHS

Personal site from an autistic guy. I make pages on my special interests and myself.


Webmaster: Ripple

A handcrafted website that's run by an autistic adult. He likes to write about his special interests on his website.


Webmaster: Suntooth

A personal site of amalgamations, including art, music shrine, and recipes. Not as active as it used to be, but fun to read (hopefully).


Webmaster: Rita

Sunny Day is a personal site that was created with love to practice coding, to share my interests, and to connect with others. The autism is plentiful here, check it out!


Webmaster: Juette

Selfshipping and other fun stuff!


Margie's Place

Webmaster: Margaret

A little site for me to be openly autistic and post about what I love and how I feel and have fun :o)

Only Wonder

Webmaster: Ansehelm

Lots of random stuff, mostly media shrines, recipes, and original characters.


yoona's website

Webmaster: Yoona

I used to live on Neopets so Neocities feels like coming home! A personal website, w/ multiple webshrines to special interests :D This website says: gay, trans and disabled rights ♡


Webmaster: Braigwen

A personal website, with spaces for special interests and other information.



Webmaster: Nico

PATHdog is a hybrid between a personal page and a comic/zine project that’s still currently in the works, development is going though, and I normally don’t go more than a week without uploading! I do warn that the comic project is intended for an 15+ audience, but otherwise it’s just a funny art project


Webmaster: Louie

A personal site for sharing art, photography, collections, and other weird interests.


Webmaster: Ser

My name is Ser! This blog serves as coding practice and a storage for my portfolio, thoughts, and an archive of my favorite things!


Webmaster: Hank / Krow / Nul

weird autistic thing on the www


korekiyo village!

Webmaster: Toki



The Bat House!

Webmaster: Batthew

a silly site that contains many unorthodox interests and stories of a trans furry which are ever expanding!

axel's webbed site

Webmaster: Axel

a website run by myself and my friend (who is also autistic) where we just put whatever we fancy really lol


Webmaster: Tei Kazami

A site used mainly for blogging and creative works


Checkered Hell

Webmaster: SuperKirbylover

A ska-themed personal website full of silly little trinkets.

Webmaster: foreverlikethis

A Digital Garden.



Webmaster: Teru

A void creature's little corner of the web. Art, musings, vtubing, various other things.


Webmaster: Lolo

PLEASE BE PATIENT, I'M A KINGDOM HEARTS FAN (lolo's personal website, filled with LOVE!)


Webmaster: Leo

just a personal site!


The Chillzone

Webmaster: Latch

this is my personal site where i talk about animals and video games, share my art and characters, and host whatever other fun little pages i feel like making!

ghosting pen

Webmaster: Victor

a personal website chock-full of stuff and resources regarding my special interests (journaling and writing) and hyperfixations (a bunch of media)! run by a self-diagnosed autistic dude.

Tiger on The Web

Webmaster: Vergil

A personal website with a focus on alterhumanity and the webmaster’s alterhuman identities, as well as serving as a mural of their favourite things.


Webmaster: Ziggy




Webmaster: Neonriser

A dream journal possessing additional features, such as adoptables and shrines.

Channel 27

Webmaster: Data

Fansite dedicated to Weird Al!


Welcome to My Gay Mind

Webmaster: Arsenic / Jasper

Just my lil personal website where i can ramble freely about my hyperfixations n stuff without being told to stop

Silly Alien

Webmaster: Spencer

The (forever WIP) personal site of a silly guy who enjoys a bunch of silly things!! The webmaster is a queer transmasc who loves rainbows and being autistic! Enjoy!


Webmaster: Ryan

kitty cat artist on the internet :3


Cupid’s Corner

Webmaster: Cupid

my little personal haven on da web 😊 holds my doodads and my trinkets and my thoughts!


Webmaster: P

Personal website I'm trying to use for dumping my thoughts and content in lieu of social media. I'm trying to use it for blogging stuff, writing guides about my interests, and storing worldbuilding info.


Webmaster: Cade

My personal site where I post about my art, ocs, and anything else that interests me!

Mizuki's World!

Webmaster: Mitzuki

personal site of a menhera trans girl who loves cute things and dolls!



Webmaster: Clancy

personal site of Clancy and the Web System.


Juno’s Dollhouse

Webmaster: Juno


Webmaster: J / Jay

Mostly a personal site! I like promoting Free and Open-Source Software and talking about stuff in my blog. I'm hoping to also add stuff like artwork and links to my writing in the future, when I have the time :)


Webmaster: Emma

my personal website for all the things i love!



Webmaster: Jesse

A colorful, fun website where I express my love for cartoons, the old web, and toy collecting.


Webmaster: Martin

A collection of a lot of stuff that's kind of connected. This website has things like indie-ish music, cutely ugly drawings (on purpose), weirdcore edits, infodump pages and A LOT of purple

XP Zone

Webmaster: Vivien / Florence

my fun personal site i made for blogging and having fun images and gifs of sonic images all over it. im just a little obsessed with sonic stuff

r3dYASHA's Cavern of Obscurity

Webmaster: Yasha/Jo D.

A hub for discussing obscure media of any kind! As well as a personal site for my own internet nonsense.

The World's Address

Webmaster: Sundial

personal website about special interests owned by a trans plural autistic beast. (warning: contains multitudes.)

The Virtual Telephone Box

Webmaster: Kim

The Timephone is a collection of electronic dreams and trinkets that catch my interest. I use this website to geek out about Transformers and Star Trek and show off rare comic finds. Due to the nature of the medias I'm into, content can get gory or explicit at times (ie. horror movies, sex etc.). Such content will be marked appropriately.


Webmaster: Anakin

My babysitter's a vampire fan page, graphic hoards (blinkies, buttons, icons and more!) and shrines for stuff like talkshow boy and splatoon!

The Well of Id

Webmaster: Lestat

Personal website full of goth autism & infodumping.


strawberry gashes

Webmaster: Erin

a cute, nostalgic little personal site



Webmaster: Erin

a personal domain filled with fandom nerdery



Webmaster: Groovy

A multi-themed personal site relating to arts and other mischievous things.


Webmaster: Fidelis

personal site! planning on hosting my collections of graphics here as well :3



Webmaster: Michelle

A personal site about fandom, cute things, and being weird.



Webmaster: Kori

Ramblings of an eternally sleep-deprived graphic designer.



Webmaster: Junior

A Psychonauts-themed website where I put things!


southern cross station!

Webmaster: Allister

personal website for my art and to share my story (of my queerness, my mental health, and of whatever else i can think of)!