Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting
feel free to say whatever! please be kind and respectful.

about the site

this is my shadowy little corner of the internet away from the horrors of social media. it will be updated as i continue to learn html.

i don't know if you'll find anything useful here; only the ramblings of a boygirl who loves the moon. but feel free to look around.

the purpose of this site is to have some sort of online representation of who i am. after all, there's not much here besides my own thoughts and interests and feelings. i imagine it's going to be useless to most people. or even stupid. but for me, this is where the fun is at - documenting and writing about useless, niche garbage online. the best hobby in the world! the stuff the internet was made for.

another purpose is to have a more personal online space to speak on. with social media, posting about something in a 'weird' way is a death sentence. i talk about an interest 'too seriously', and suddenly i'm being mocked, like i'm the middle schooler with undiagnosed autism again. a lot of social media has become like that; a place for glorified playground bullying, where people rot their brains into thinking that biting their comrade's hands instead of the oppressor's is 'activism'... but i digress.

so, yeah, obviously, i'm mostly making this website for myself. but if someone can find something useful or interesting here, or feel otherwise entertained by what i write and say, then i'd be really happy.

about me

you can call me azure, macaque, hunter, or bede. i use he / moon / bun / fae / she pronouns. i'm a girl and a boy. i'm a femme bisexual, and i'm also autistic and i have bpd.

putting aside my media interests (of which there are many), i like psychology, art, animation, queer history and misc animals. i'm also interested in the culture around things like self-ship and 2d love, alterhumanism and otherkinism, xenogenders and general gender fuckery, and fandom. i dislike capitalism ♡ My extended 'about me' can be found here.