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this is my shadowy little corner of the internet away from the horrors of social media. i don't know if you'll find anything useful here; only the ramblings of a boygirl who loves the moon. but feel free to look around.

the purpose of this site is to have some sort of online representation of who i am. after all, there's not much here besides my own thoughts and interests and feelings. i imagine it's going to be useless to most people. or even stupid. but for me, this is where the fun is at - documenting and writing about useless, niche garbage online. the best hobby in the world!

another purpose is to have a personal online space to speak on. with social media, posting about something in a 'weird' way is a death sentence. i talk about an interest 'too seriously', and suddenly i'm being mocked, like i'm a middle schooler with undiagnosed autism again. a lot of social media has become like that; a place for glorified playground bullying, where people rot their brains into thinking that biting their comrade's hands instead of the oppressor's is 'activism'... but i digress.

so, obviously, i'm mostly making this website for myself. but if someone can find something useful or interesting here, or feel otherwise entertained by what i write, then i'd be really happy.

this website was created in firefox, and some pages aren't mobile-friendly!